My Thoughts: Oh My Ghostess- Episode 2

Soon Ae as Bong Sun is making everyone at the restaurant confused and think something is wrong. Meanwhile as Soon Ae adapts to Bong Sun’s life, she learns more about the Bong Sun’s character and maybe more about herself as well. This episode also triggers Soon Ae’s journey to recover the memories of her past, as it seems she is not who she appears to be.


After shocking everyone at the restaurant by throwing Sun Woo on the ground, Soon Ae wonders what is the big deal is and doesn’t understand people’s reactions. Sun Woo gets up and instead of being angry, he warily asks for the key again. Soon Ae mutters to herself and comes up with the key to her surprise. omg2.1omg2.2 Soon Ae realizes she doesn’t want to continue dealing with this, so she tries to leave the body. To her horror, she cannot get out and is trapped in the body. She thinks back to the fortune teller’s warning, and knows she is in trouble now. She was so shocked by this realization, she fainted.omg2.3omg2.4 Soon Ae is laid down on a table, as the restaurant employees wonder about the cause for her condition. While Soon Ae comes back into consciousness but pretends to be still unconscious so she can check out the guys without them knowing. However, the sous chef, Min Soo caught onto her act and urged her to wake up, which she reluctantly does so.omg2.5omg2.6 Sun Woo on the other hand is being cared for by his sister, since he got hurt after being thrown on the ground. Eun Hee asks what he is planning to do with Bong Sun, and he says he will send her home after she wakes up. Eun Hee suggests Sun Woo to ask Bong Sun to stay to work, since she only resigned because of the pressure he gave her. omg2.7 They are interrupted by Soon Ae who came to apologize for throwing Sun Woo on the ground. Sun Woo asks if she quit because of him, and after thinking it over Soon Ae says yes. He proposes that Soon Ae stay at the restaurant for a month, and after she can decide if she wants to devote her time to become a chef. Soon Ae considers that says it’s a deal and gets up to shake his hand. Sun Woo is surprised at the change in attitude, but does not think too deeply about it.omg2.8omg2.9 Soon Ae then starts work in the restaurant. She is amazed that she feels comfortable in the kitchen and looks around at the impressive equipment.omg2.10omg2.11 However, she does not get to use the cool equipment to her disappointment. Instead she is to go wash the dishes for the restaurant. Later, when Sun Woo assigns a job for Min Soo, Min Soo orders Soon Ae to do it instead. However, she is no longer the timid Bong Sun, so Soon Ae refuses to do it and says that it was not assigned to her so why is she doing it? Yay Bong Sun is fighting back… kind of. Okay it’s Soon Ae fighting in Bong Sun’s place but still. The guys’ shocked expressions are quite a sight to see. 😀


omg2.14Soon Ae realizes her behaviour is not like Bong Sun’s, so she excused herself and left for the washroom. After coming out of the washroom, Soon Ae ponders for a while about Bong Sun and recognizes the need to act like her, to avoid suspicion. She then sees how Sun Woo treats his sister, and thinks that he might not be a bad guy after all. However, as soon as he sees her, he orders her to work, and Soon Ae thinks he is not exactly a nice guy either. She decides to be on her guard against him. omg2.15omg2.16

Back in the kitchen, Soon Ae is annoyed at the never-ending amount of dishes she has to do. However, her mood soon brightens when she gets a glimpse of Corden’s abs which leaves her in a daze. When he reaches over her to get a towel, her expression… lol.

omg2.17omg2.18   omg2.19 After internally gushing at her coworker’s physique, Soon Ae is ordered by Sun Woo to mop the floor. What he means is to use a dry mop, but Soon Ae used a wet one, so he slipped a little on the spot. He accuses her of taking revenge on him, but Soon Ae responds that that would be too childish, and leaves him speechless.omg2.20omg2.21 Sun Woo then gets a phone call, which leads him to go to the police station. It turns out the blogger from the previous episode is out for revenge and is suing Sun Woo for assault. Sun Woo is in disbelief over the turn of events. omg2.22 Meanwhile, at the restaurant, Eun Hee is receiving news from her husband about Sun Woo’s situation. She tells him to try to talk to him, and sends the employees home. While the employees gossip about what would happen now. Soon Ae overhears their conversation, and asks if Sun Woo actually assaulted someone. They stare at her and inform her that she was the cause for all this, which she slowly backtracks and pretends she knew of course. She tries to distract them from her obvious mistake. Sigh, so smooth, huh.

omg2.23 Later, the other employees have a meeting and discuss Bong Sun’s strange behaviour. They each have different theories about why she is acting this way ranging from DID to psychopath. Everyone becomes freaked out when Dong Chul suggests that Bong Sun is getting ready to snap, and may end up killing them. Cut to Soon Ae in the kitchen examining the knives. When the guys come back in, they were really scared when she started waving the knife towards them, and ended up running away. Soon Ae is clueless and was just playing with them though.omg2.24omg2.25omg2.26 At the police station, Sun Woo is finally done with his statement, and is ready to leave. He is greeted by Sung Jae who tries to convince him to settle with the blogger. However, Sun Woo is not listening and is giving in to his anger; fully intending to fight with her in court.

Over at the restaurant, the guys are showering and gossiping about the assault case. Suddenly, Soon Ae appears at the door which sends everyone in chaos. Instead of leaving quickly she takes a long glance at everyone before closing the door. It looks like it’s not an accident, lol.omg2.27omg2.28 Once outside, she mutters that she was right about those guys. When the guys come out, they scold her and mention suspiciously that she doesn’t usually take a shower at the restaurant. She made some excuses and then made some suggestive comments about what she saw, which angers Min Soo since it was directed at him.

omg2.29omg2.30omg2.31Later Soon Ae follows Cordan after work, and get him to go have a few beers together. However, when she wants to go somewhere to rest together, he refuses and says he must get home. This makes Soon Ae frustrated since her advances didn’t succeed. omg2.32omg2.33 Soon Ae looks at her reflection and frets over her appearance. She now understands why she cannot seduce men with this body.omg2.34 Soon Ae doesn’t know where Bong Sun lives, but luckily the landlord/manager called and asked when she is moving out. Soon Ae then goes to Bong Sun’s room, and looks around at her stuff.

While Sun Woo is at home and looking at the blogger’s blog in disgust. He is angry at how she ruin his image, and ends up spending the whole night putting positive comments about himself on the blog.omg2.35omg2.36The next day, So Hyung receives news about Sun Woo’s situation. While over at the restaurant Sun Woo is busy trying refute the rumours. His sister is worried about him, and asks if he should try considering a settlement. However, he strongly and stubbornly says he is not willing to settle.

omg2.37  The employees are also worried about the case since it will concern them if the restaurant goes down due to bad publicity. While customers are buzzing about Sun Woo and his apparently violent personality. When all the guys are called out to clean the storage room by Sun Woo, Soon Ae is left looking over the customers and the kitchen. A customer calls her over and asks why the sauce in the pasta is so watery. She replies that it is supposed to be watery, but the customer insist her to boil it down. Finally she gives in after the customer is talking badly of the restaurant and its chef.omg2.38omg2.39 However, Sun Woo catches her trying to boil it down and throws out the plate of pasta. She explains that the customer requests it to be done, but he says by doing so, the food would become thick and unsavory. Soon Ae says she only did it for his sake, since the customers were bad mouthing him. Sun Woo gets angry and says Soon Ae is banned from the kitchen in the time-being, and can only help the customers in the dining area.omg2.40omg2.41 Later, Sun Woo receives the phone call from the police station that his case is settled. This is because his mother had helped him pay the settlement fee and apologized in his stead. omg2.42

Sun Woo then goes over to his mom’s workplace and confronts her. She realizes she is in trouble, but she is upset that Sun Woo doesn’t think of her efforts to care about him. He tells her that now is too late for her play a good mom, since when he needed her the most she wasn’t there. He storms out of her office, but she runs after him and hits him for how he treats her. While at the same time trying to explain to students walking by that Sun Woo is her son, not her lover. Ha!omg2.43omg2.44His mom then told him that this is why he should have carried the talisman with him, since he has bad luck this year. Also informs him to pay back the settlement money to her, which he told her to send her account number to him.

As soon as he get out the building, he received his mom’s text; but he suddenly remember he is short on cash right now, so he called her and told her to give him a discount. After the call, he muttered it didn’t make him look cool at all. Hehehe

He then got a phone call from So Hyung, and he picks her up to go somewhere together. On the way, she brings up the pilot program she is in charge of again. This time Sun Woo is interested in listening to what she has to say, and actually considers her words. omg2.45omg2.46

They finally reach their location and it’s to visit their dead friend?! It seems that the one So Hyung had a relationship with is him. I think its the other guy in Sun Woo’s photo from episode 1…
omg2.47 Sun Woo then goes back to the restaurant, and hears from Min Soo that the people at Chef Marco’s restaurant is betting on Sun Woo not being able to go on television due to shame. This angers Sun Woo and he then calls So Hyung to take her up on her offer.omg2.48omg2.49After he announces it to all the employees that he will be going on the show. He asks if Min Soo would like to go on with him, since he needs an assistant chef. Min Soo is extremely happy and pleased to hear this and accepts readily. While everyone else congratulates him on securing his first television appearance. omg2.50Meanwhile, the fortuneteller is still searching for Soon Ae but the heavens are getting impatient. She then gets a phone call from Sun Woo’s mom who requests for her services for her son. Sun Woo’s mom asks if the fortuneteller can come to meet her, and the fortuneteller requests for more money. After hanging up, Sun Woo’s mother comments that the fortuneteller must be pretty accurate since she wants so much money. She then proceeds to drink alone unhappily. She talks to the owner of the place and admits her failure as a mother. She had Sun Woo when she was 19, and later she lived with another man and had a daughter with him. She left her son alone most of the time, and her daughter with her aunt, so she can go to college. omg2.51At Sun Restaurant, Sun Woo is reassuring his sister that he would be fine on TV, when their drunk mother comes in requesting wine. Sun Woo struggles against his mother, and finally gets her home.omg2.52As he leaves, a stray dog starts following him, and eventually he brought it home for it to eat and sleep for the night. Aww Sun Woo, the dog followed you probably because it can smell food on you.omg2.53omg2.54While Soon Ae is walking home and complaining about her body figure. Suddenly she comes across a crowd of people. It looks like a body had been found and the police are securing the area. She sees Sung Jae and thinks he looks familiar, but cannot place where she saw him before. She observes him covering a little kid’s eyes when the body was taken out of the building, and comments that Sung Jae is her type.
omg2.55omg2.56The next day, Sung Jae and his partner go over to a restaurant where they eat often. Inside the owner is in an argument with a customer, but upon seeing the police, the customer pays the money for the meal and leaves quickly. Sung Jae is friendly with the owner and his son and orders some food. His partner mutters that they should not have come here again, but Sung Jae just smiled and rubbed away the dirtiness of the cup before pouring some water for himself.omg2.57omg2.58At the television station, Sun Woo and Min Soo are getting ready for the recording and it appears that Sun Woo is facing off Chef Marco in the first episode. Min Soo excuses himself and scolds himself for losing his mind last night. He then calls Soon Ae to bring Sun Woo’s personal knife.  omg2.59At the same time, Sun Woo’s mom is meeting with the fortuneteller. She is impressed with the fortuneteller’s skill and wants her to help her son. The fortuneteller agrees to go see Sun Woo for an increased fee.

They go to the restaurant where they happen to see Soon Ae, but she hurries away in fear of being caught.omg2.60  Soon Ae arrives at the station and delivers the knife to Sun Woo. While Min Soo is trapped outside the station, since he doesn’t have a visitor’s pass or know the PD’s name for his show. So Hyung suggests to Sun Woo to use Soon Ae instead since there is no time, so he ended up going on the show with her.omg2.61 omg2.62The show starts and Sun Woo uses this opportunity to clear up some rumours about himself. Then the focus is brought back to the show by the MCs. The mission given to the chefs is to create a rice dish that a mother may prepare for her hungover son. Both chefs then are hard at work to produce their own type of dish, but Sun Woo’s dish seems to have been burnt. Soon Ae then comes up with an idea to make burnt rice pollack soup. omg2.63omg2.64While at the restaurant Sung Jae frequently goes to, a customer requests for the same dish. However, the owner says they don’t make it anymore. The customer also mentions the owner’s daughter who he doesn’t see around. Hmm… I can see where this is going.omg2.65Back at the station, the judges are tasting the food. Cut to So Hyung congratulating Sun Woo for a good recording. I guess they won? Min Soo finally shows up and apologizes for not appearing. So Hyung informs Sun Woo that Soon Ae will have to continue to be on the show. Min Soo protests and says Soon Ae isn’t strong enough to carry all the heavy machinery, but he is proven wrong when Soon Ae walks past them carrying the equipment.omg2.66

Outside, Min Soo continues to beg Sun Woo to allow him to go back on the show, but Sun Woo dismisses his request. Min Soo angrily leaves when Soon Ae comes. Sun Woo give Soon Ae permission to go back in the kitchen. Aww Sun Woo is starting to approve of Soon Ae/Bong Sun!

Later, Soon Ae is walking home and reflecting on her moment of genius at the recording today. She then sees an extremely drunk man lying on the street. She takes his phone and tries to call someone to pick him up, but no one picked up. She decides to leave, but cannot stop herself to go back and help him. omg2.68omg2.69

She dragged the man to the police station, where Sung Jae greets her and recognizes the man she brought in. The man is the restaurant owner’s son, Shin Kyung Mo. Sung Jae invites her to stay for a cup of coffee since the man’s father would like to thank her. omg2.70

She stays to sneak glances at Sung Jae and when the father comes, she get up to greet him. However, hearing him call his son’s name triggers some memories.omg2.71omg2.72omg2.73omg2.74 She realizes the old man in front of her is her father after remembering some of the memories she lost when she died.omg2.75 THOUGHTS:

I enjoy the pace of the story so far. This drama has a nice blend of comedy and and heart. I guess we get to uncover Soon Ae’s story layer by layer as the episodes go on. I have a theory on how Sung Jae is connected to Soon Ae, seeing how he takes care of her family even after she is gone. Sung Jae probably is feeling guilty or has a sense of duty towards Soon Ae and her family, since he continues to look out for her family and ensures they are doing fine. The main question is if her family knows she is dead, which I’m guessing the answer is probably not. This is because no one is burning things for her to eat even after she dies, which is why she has to go eat at the funerals of others.

I also suspect Eun Hee’s accident may be connected to Soon Ae, but that would be too melodramatic, wouldn’t it? From the preview, it looks like Soon Ae will start investigating the reason why she died. It also looks like she will have more encounters with Sung Jae and did she get drunk and ended up in Sun Woo’s arms?! I’m looking forward to how characters will develop as more connections are being uncovered.

My Thoughts: Oh My Ghostess- Episode 1

Oh_My_Ghost-p1 I enjoyed the first episode of Oh My Ghostess; it’s been a while since I last saw a supernatural drama involving ghosts. It reminds me a bit of Master’s Sun, with the ghost seeing heroine who cannot get enough sleep. The main difference is that it focuses on one ghost in particular, and I’m assuming Bong Sun would be possessed most of the time in this drama.


The story begins with our protagonist, Na Bong Sun (Park Bo Young) walking around the streets half asleep. She walks past an ambulance, and we learn that there are many recent cases of young men being admitted into the hospital with hypothermia like symptoms. These cases stumped doctors and police alike, and the only thing that is common is that the men had been involved with pretty women with a well proportioned body before falling unconscious.omg1.1 Now we get introduced to the root of this problem, Shin Soon Ae (Kim Seul Gie), a lustful virgin ghost, who apparently had been possessing different women to seduce men. She is annoyed that her plan to lose her virginity failed again, since the men always becomes unconscious at the heat of the moment. Just as she dejectedly walks away after coming out of the woman’s body, she encounters Bong Sun and is shocked that she can see her. 
omg1.2omg1.3The next day, Soon Ae walks around aimlessly and is pretty bored. She notices a toddler and starts talking to the child. When a ball comes flying towards the child, Soon Ae manages to block it. She then decides to go eat some funeral offerings.omg1.4

Meanwhile, we check in with Bong Sun at Sun Restaurant, where she works. All the chefs are working hard to prepare food (while being yelled at my the sous chef), when they realize there is a burning smell. It turns out that Bong Sun was watching over the sauce, when she fell asleep on the job. She apologizes many times as she gets yelled at for not doing her job properly.



Just then, the restaurant’s owner and main chef Kang Sun Woo makes his entrance. He takes aside the sous chef and Bong Sun but mainly reprimands  the sous chef for allowing someone else to look over the sauce. After Sun Woo is done teaching them a lesson, the sous chef talks to Bong Sun and tells her to do better.

omg1.8omg1.7omg1.9 After Bong Sun is alone washing the pots and pans, when she sees a ghost. She prays and closes her eyes in fear, as her phone rings. It is her grandma, who is a shaman which explains her ghost seeing abilities. She lies to her grandma by saying the ghosts aren’t bothering her, and her grandma reminds her to continue to burn some incense to drive away the ghosts.omg1.10omg1.11 In the restaurant, Sun Woo is talking to his sister, Kang Eun Hee, who appears to be paralyzed and is in a wheelchair. Then his mother comes for a visit to Sun Woo’s displeasure. He doesn’t like his mother visiting due to the rumours that result from her youthful appearance, since she had Sun Woo when she was 19. She is here to give Sun Woo a talisman since it has been predicted that Sun Woo is going to encounter a ghost. He doesn’t believe it, and chides his mother, who is a professor, for believing in such nonsense. Aww Sun Woo don’t you watch horror movies? The one who does not believe in the supernatural usually dies first.omg1.12  Now we get to see how Soon Ae is doing. She got to the funeral home and greets some of her ghost acquaintances before sitting down to eat. However a snarky ghost starts commenting on how Soon Ae is eating food from other people’s funerals and how she doesn’t have any manners. Then she goes on to say that Soon Ae has been too lustful lately, and can’t hide the fact that she is a virgin ghost. Finally, Soon Ae snaps and almost got into a fight with the other ghost, but all the other ghosts suddenly ran away. The reason? The ghost-catcher/fortune-teller that is standing behind Soon Ae.

 omg1.13omg1.14       omg1.15 Then a chase starts, but the comedy is that in normal people’s eyes, the ghost-catcher appears to be a crazy woman who is chasing and talking to nothing. Soon Ae ran away fast but could not get away from the woman, so she possessed a young woman as a disguise. However, it looks like today is not her day, because Sun Woo happen to be there and bumped into her which made her fall out and couldn’t get back in the body. This leads to her capture, while spectators look on to the ghost-catcher struggling against nothing.

omg1.16omg1.17                                 omg1.18 While all this is happening, Sun Woo meets a friend, Lee So Hyung (Park Jung Ah) for coffee. He discovers his mom had somehow put in the talisman when he wasn’t looking and throws it out. This explains why Soon Ae was expelled out of the woman’s body. So Hyung invites him to go on a pilot cooking show, but he declines her offer. We get a hint that Sun Woo feels something more for his lady friend, but she is now with his other friend, as he looks at a picture of him and his two friends. Love triangle?

omg1.19 omg1.20omg1.21

On the other hand, Soon Ae is complaining and trying to break free but with no luck. She is trapped in the ghost catcher’s house. It turns out due to all the chaos she caused with possessing people, she was ordered to be captured by people above. The fortune-teller only became a ghost catcher so that the heavens will allow her to get a glimpse of the future for her clients. The fortune teller then tries to convince Soon Ae to move on and give up finding a man that can withstand a ghost’s touch. Soon Ae says it’s not that simple and she can’t rest in peace if she doesn’t resolve her regrets.omg1.22omg1.23 The fortune teller then starts sympathizing with Soon Ae and hugs her to comfort her. However, it turns out all is not what it seems, since the fortune teller was just using the opportunity during Soon Ae’s vulnerable state to tie bells around her neck. She proudly states that the bells can only be touched her and no one else, so Soon Ae should give up trying to escape since the bells will give away her location. Ohh that’s quite a devious method, but then again it’s hard to contain a ghost so I could see why she doesn’t trust Soon Ae.omg1.24omg1.25 Over at Sun Restaurant, the assistant chefs and workers are deciding on what to eat for their meal. Suddenly the sous chef announces that today they would order out and eat properly in the restaurant rather than hide in the kitchen and eat like bums. However, it looks like all is lost, when Sun Woo comes in and they all follow him to the kitchen like obedient puppies. This results in them eating in the kitchen like bums. Hehehe it looks like the only thing the sous chef can do is be brave behind Sun Woo’s back. Sun Woo examines the fish brought in today, and realizes its no good and requests it to be returned. While he decides to use the large shipment of scallops for the day’s special.omg1.26 Meanwhile Soon Ae is annoying the fortune teller by dancing around and making noise with her bells.

A few hours later Sun Restaurant is closing for the night, and all the employees get ready to leave. The guys leave first and Bong Sun finishes cleaning up. As they are changing they are gossiping about the boss and how his sister is sure lucky to have a good brother and husband. They comment that people can’t have everything, since she lost the ability to walk after that accident. While Bong Sun comes to the locker room and realizes they are still changing and hurries out. Lol I’m sure after Soon Ae takes control, things will be completely opposite.omg1.27 After everyone leaves, Bong Sun goes into the empty locker room and changes, then locks up the restaurant. She heads home, which is a study hall place after buying some cabbage from the market. She goes to the kitchen to chop up some cabbage. A neighbour complains about her chopping noises and she apologizes and explains that she is an assistant chef. It turns out she is creating cabbage porridge, which after completion she snaps a photo of it. She then writes on her blog that this porridge is what her grandmother makes her drink every day since she was a sickly and weak child growing up.

The next day, Bong Sun is serving a customer, who is a food blogger, when the customer told her to heat up the noodles. Bong Sun warns the blogger that the noodles won’t taste good if reheated but the customer insists. Bong Sun heats up the noodles and as she walks to the table a young boy who was running around in the restaurant, bumps into her. It turns out the food blogger is the boy’s mother and she yells at Bong Sun for not watching where she is going while holding hot noodles. Sun Woo then interrupts and scolds the boy for running in the restaurant which angers the blogger. The blogger upon seeing Eun Hee comments that it appears that no one in the restaurant is normal. This leads Sun Woo to kick the blogger and her son out the restaurant. Serves them right, what an rude blogger who has such a annoying son!

omg1.28omg1.29 After this incident, Sun Woo talks to Bong Sun privately. She apologizes many times, but Sun Woo tells her that it’s her personality is what annoys him not the fact that she made mistakes. Sigh… at least her personality may change for the better from now on?omg1.30 Now we see a bit of Sun Woo’s past. It seems that he was bullied when he was young, and his mother is busy and mostly not home.omg1.31We get introduced to another character, Choi Sung Jae (Im Ju Hwan) who is a police officer and Eun Hee’s husband. He goes over to the restaurant to pick up Eun Hee, as Eun Hee and Sun Woo is already outside to greet him.

omg1.32omg1.33 After leaving Eun Hee with Sung Jae, Sun Woo goes to his friend’s new restaurant to try out the dishes there. After tasting the food he says that the food is good enough, but of course not up to his level, but enough that the restaurant will have business.

While Bong Sun is at home and burning incense like her grandma instructed her to do, and looking at her scrapbook. In her scrapbook there are different recipes. Wow, it seems she actually really passionate about cooking! In her scrapbook there is also clippings of Sun Woo, aww she does idolize him. She is interrupted by her landlord, who complains about her burning incense and hanging creepy looking talismans on the wall. He tells her to move since he is through with dealing with her. After he left Bong Sun ripped out a blank page from the scrapbook and began to write.

omg1.34      omg1.35                                                    omg1.36 Sun Woo is still at the dinner, but he leaves early since he has other plans. It turns out he went to the market to buy some fresh seafood. He seems close with the ajummas there as he looks around at the seafood.omg1.37 Bong Sun goes to the dark restaurant and leaves behind a letter. Noo, Bong Sun why are you quitting?! Before she can leave, Sun Woo comes in with his purchases and asks her to bring the seafood to the storage room.omg1.38 Sun Woo goes home (wait does he live at the restaurant?), to surf the web. He searches for himself and is unhappy to see he has fallen in ranking, while his rival, Chef Marco, is No. 2 on the list. He then looks at a blog without realizing it is Bong Sun’s and compliments on her cabbage porridge.omg1.39omg1.40 While Bong Sun is outside the restaurant, and in a voiceover we hear the contents of the letter. Bong Sun says farewell to everyone at the restaurant and expresses her wish to become a chef, but says that wishes and reality are different, so she is leaving.omg1.41 In the morning, Sun Woo receives the news that Bong Sun has resigned. However, the bigger issue is that the storage room key is missing, and Sun Woo believes that Bong Sun accidentally took it. He orders for someone to keep calling her, but she isn’t picking up.omg1.42While Soon Ae is still trying to convince the fortune teller that being together isn’t going to end well, but she doesn’t listen to her. Soon a delivery is here, so the fortune teller opens the door to let the delivery boy in, but she then realizes her mistake cause Soon Ae used the opportunity to leave.
omg1.43The fortune teller chases after the fleeing Soon Ae. Soon Ae realizes she cannot out run the woman, so she frantically looks for someone possess, and spots Bong Sun. After entering Bong Sun’s body, someone from the restaurant found Bong Sun and drags her off, while the fortune teller looks on unable to find Soon Ae.omg1.44omg1.45 Soon Ae in Bong Sun’s body goes in the restaurant and meets Sun Woo. She is confused as to what he wants, since he just holds out his hand expecting her to hand over the key. Soon Ae does not know about the key so she just shook his hand. He gets frustrated and start to search her for the key, but she thinks he is violating her and flips him over!! omg1.46omg1.47 THOUGHTS: 

The story is getting interesting now that Soon Ae is in Bong Sun’s body. I’m sure everyone will be amazed at the sudden change in character for Bong Sun. Poor Bong Sun when Soon Ae leaves her body, she will be so confused as to what has happened. However, I’m sure it will be a while before Soon Ae will leave, since she now found the perfect man to seduce, although she doesn’t know it yet. I’m curious to Soon Ae’s story, since she must not have any close family or friends for them not to burn or offer her anything in the afterlife. While I wonder how Sung Jae will fit with the story? From the preview it looks like Soon Ae turned Bong Sun into a pervert as she spies the guys as they change. While performance wise, I enjoyed watching Park Bo Young since A Werewolf Boy. I’m still not sure about her chemistry with Jo Jung Suk, but I’ll still continue to watch for the comedy and unique storyline.

Series Review: Love Cells


Just finished the short and sweet webdrama, Love Cells. It was so cute and easy to watch. This drama is adapted from a webtoon on Naver. The plot revolves around a young man named Ma Dae Choong (Park Sun Ho) whose lack of ambition and laziness lead to his love cell to come out from him. This love cell then transformed into a young girl named Nebi (Kim Yoo Jung). She informs Dae Choong that he has to date or she would die and he would be left in a emotionally detached state forever. She then proceeds to help the initially unwilling Dae Choong get close to the girl of his dreams, Seo Rin (Nam Ji Hyun from 4minute) who is a popular idol. However, obstacles come in the form of Chun Ji Woon (Baek Sung Hyun) who is a top Hallyu star also trying to win Seo Rin’s heart. As Dae Choong get closer to Seo Rin with Nebi’s help, he realizes the one he loves the most may not be Seo Rin after all.

Overall with only 15 short episodes, it is easy to see why Love Cells is so popular that it is getting a sequel. (Source: Great plot, humour, and cast; Love Cells is much like a coming of age story about finding love. The only thing that bothers me is the fact that Nebi and Dae Choong may have met before and it isn’t clearly explained the true relationship Nebi has with Dae Choong, since it is implied there is something more. My theory is that Nebi took the appearance of the girl that Dae Choong can’t forget (the girl in the library) who turns out to be his landlord’s daughter which Dae Choong meets again at the end.


I enjoyed seeing the familiar faces of Kim Woo Bin, Jang Hyuk, and Park Joon Hyung make cameos in this small production. There are also many new faces in this webdrama, such as leading man, Park Sun Ho, who I thought did a good job portraying their characters. Hopefully, some of the cast would come back for the sequel. I wonder what the sequel would be about? Will it really continue off where it ended or would it be a new cast and story?

My Thoughts: Fated to Love You- Episode 20 (Final)

Ahh we are now at the end of Gun and Mi Young’s story. So much has happened to them, many ups and downs and yet in the end they proved that they are fated to be. Both Gun and Mi Young changed a lot as characters and learned to love and respect each other. They finally got their happily ever after as we say farewell to our beloved OTP.

The episode begins with all the wedding guests getting tired and bored of waiting for the bride and groom to show up. Finally, Grandma can’t take it anymore and tells Manager Tak to annouce to all the guests that the ceremony is called off. Just as people start to leave, Gun and Mi Young shows up.

The ceremony starts and Mi Young notices that her mom is not here. Just when they are about to exchange vows, mom shows up and she was in such a rush, she fell and Gun caught her. Now that mom is here, the ceremony starts officially.

While Gun and Mi Young say their vows, Yong notices a candle went off and he uses his fire powers to light it up again.

Mi Young and Gun vow to be together forever, even after they die. They then end the ceremony with a kiss. Aww this is so beautiful!

After Mi Young and Gun go for their honeymoon in Jeju Island. Gun complains about the short trip, and Mi Young says it’s because she has a new project to start once she gets back. Gun complains some more, but is stopped when Mi Young asks if he was going to ask her if her work is more important or him kind of question. Gun drives to the side and stops the car. He was definitely not the type of person to ask that type of question, but it’s obvious that he was.

Gun then threatens to throw the car keys in the ocean, if Mi Young doesn’t allow him a kiss at every stop light. Instead, Mi Young stole the car keys from him and drove herself. She drove at an alarming speed and Gun asks if she really has a license. She replies she got a license 7 years ago, but never used it. There is one good thing about her driving, and that is because now Gun can kiss her anytime.

Meanwhile, Yong and Manager Tak are on a secret mission where they are spies sent on the operation, ‘Revival Macau’. Their objective is to get Gun and Mi Young to have a child as soon as possible, which are Grandma’s orders. The reason behind this is because, before leaving for honeymoon, Grandma told Gun that she wanted to hold a grandchild in ten months. However, Gun wants to wait 6 months so he can enjoy newlywed life with Mi Young.

Now, Yong and Manager Tak settle in the room 2009 to spy on the couple. While Gun and Mi Young came to their hotel room, room 2006. They are paranoid and made sure the 6 won’t flip around like last time, since they don’t want anyone to disturb them. Once inside, Gun wanted to kiss Mi Young, but she points out that it’s not night yet. Later, they go outside and slow dance. Mi Young says that she used to do this with her father, and he would call her Princess Mi Young. Now that she is grown up, she thinks she isn’t a princess, but more like a maid. In Gun’s eyes, Mi Young is a princess and he calls her that. While Mi Young calls Gun, Prince Lee Gun as the two spies watch nearby.

The crucial step in the plan was for the couple to drink the drugged cocktails. Once Mi Young and Gun get their drinks, Mi Young was about to drink it but then Gun requested for them to do a love shot. Mi Young doesn’t want to since there are so many people about. Gun argues back that she did one with Daniel, so why not here too? She asks how he knew about that and is angry that he spied on her before they were together. They then drank their drugged drink in frustration. Mi Young, who is pretty angry, leaves first, while Gun stays behind knowing that they would end up at the same place anyways. He comments that the drink’s taste is kind of familiar…

Mi Young walks drunkenly back to the room, and promptly fell asleep on the bed. Gun then goes to their room as well in an intoxicated state. He couldn’t recognize his own room and instead tried to go in room 2009. The spies were trailing him and upon seeing him making this mistake, they pretended they were drunk as well and assisted him back to his room. Before he went in he took off the sunglasses on Manager Tak’s face and seemed to recognize him and Yong. However, it was a false call and he didn’t recognize them at all and just went in his room.

Gun wanders into the room and ended up on the bed and with his eyes half closed, he found Mi Young and covered the covers over their heads. While back in Seoul, Grandma prays to the ancestors that Gun and Mi Young would return with a baby. Yong’s mother adds to the prayer, by hoping it would be twins. Then we have a weird scene, where it signifies Gun and Mi Young’s night together.

In the morning, both had no idea what happened last night. Then they come to the conclusion, that they have been drugged. Gun then realizes who have done this. After getting dressed, the couple go to room 2006, where Manager Tak and Yong open the door.

Once inside their room, Gun angrily yells at them and says that he won’t forgive them for taking away his first night with Mi Young. They argue back that he will have many nights with Mi Young now that they are married, which caused Mi Young to get angry.

Meanwhile, Daniel asks Se Ra’s mother the truth. He hands her his picture of him and his sister and Se Ra’s mother admits that the little girl in the picture is Se Ra. Just then Se Ra comes and sees that her mother had seen the photo. Se Ra cries after finding out she wasn’t her mother’s biological daughter. However, even with this fact they would always be mother and daughter.

Gun and Mi Young visit a gallery and Gun brags about Mi Young being a famous painter to their guide. Later they look at the stars and think about when their fate started. Mi Young thinks that it’s when he called her, Lady Luck, while he thinks it was when they both chased for that ring. They both agree that no matter when their fate started or even if they weren’t fated, they would love each other everyday as if they were.

Mi Young and Gun then have a night together, which they would remember. It was tender and intense moment as they kiss, undress and make love.

One month later.

It is confirmed that Mi Young is pregnant with twins. Grandma and Gun are overjoyed at the news. Then Gun realizes that Grandma stole his newlywed life and complains, but Grandma doesn’t care she got what she wanted.

Se Ra gets a note from Daniel inviting her for ice cream. She goes to the place, to find Daniel sketching her. They agree to live like brother and sister from now on, after accepting the fact of their relationship. He goes to get ice cream, but invites her to come along with him; since he won’t leave her behind anymore. She takes his hand and calls him oppa for the first time.

Three years later.

Gun get his regular check up to find that he is still healthy and that nothing is wrong. Dr. Moon tells Gun that he can be more reassured now that he reached this age and had no problems. Dr. Moon then chases Gun out, by saying he has another appointment. Gun realizes what’s up and tells him that he has a tip for him if he is going for Mi Young’s mom.

While mom is getting ready for the doctor by putting on heavy red lipstick. The doctor comes to the restaurant for a meal and uses Gun’s tip by calling her, Lettuce Wrap Lady. It worked and mom agreed to go on a date with him. (Now that’s one couple I could not predict)

We also get to know that Manager Tak has developed a hobby and that is to go dancing. His instructor is one of prenatal instructor’s sisters. Lol. While Lawyer Hong is also shockingly a passionate dancer as well.

Daniel waits for Se Ra and watches when a student confesses his love to her. He interrupts the confession and says that he is the one who loves Se Ra the most in this world. While Se Ra agrees by saying Daniel is the man she loves the most. After the student leaves, Se Ra scolds Daniel for saying that when he should be dating someone. Daniel fights back by saying she is also having the same problem.

Yong and his mother goes to meet Ji Yeon and her father. Yong’s mother still disapprove of their relationship, but her mind changes when she finds out Ji Yeon is from a wealthy family. Now Yong’s mother agrees for Yong and Ji Yeon to quickly tie the knot.

Gun and Mi Young have a picnic with their twins, a boy and a girl. Gun takes care of the kids and urges Mi Young to eat. He then pulled out a book to tell the kids a story. The story’s name is ‘Princess Snail’ and it is a basically Gun and Mi Young’s story. While the story is being read, we get to see flashbacks of all the moments Gun and Mi Young went through together. After the story is done, and the kids went to play, Gun asks if Mi Young ever regreted marrying him. Mi Young says she doesn’t regret once and that she loves him. He loves her too and they kiss.

This episode was so cute and sweet, that it brought a smile to my face while I was watching it. Everyone seemed to have their happy ending and Gun and Mi Young are happy together. This drama overall was full of twists and turns for Gun and Mi Young ‘s relationship. I enjoyed the overall story and theme and think that it was a solid drama. I never watched the original so I can’t compare the two versions, but I did enjoy this Korean version. I think mostly everything was explained and made some kind of sense. The light, comedic mood in this drama is what made it enjoyable to watch. I feel like there were so many time skips in this drama, which made it feel like so many things happened to the characters. I think Lee Gun’s hair got better and better as time went along, since it took me a while to get used to his hair in the beginning. I also felt Se Ra was not needed in the drama, she was kind of a small character. Additionally, I felt that Gun’s illness didn’t have that much of an impact at the end as I thought it would. The ending two episodes lacked a big conflict and just ended without problems or obstacles for the characters. However, even with its faults, Fated to Love You was a cute and warm romantic comedy.